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While developing a serious interest in marketing during a long career in the computer industry, it came time for me to do something different; to change my profession while still utilizing most of the skills I’d developed over the years.

So I started In-The-Flow Marketing as my new vocation in 2008 while also becoming a serious student of the principles and practices that must be employed for any marketing to succeed. 

Sure, I made some of the mistakes that remain prominent throughout the business world today. Mistakes are great teachers and I learned from them so others won’t have to. 

That’s just human nature and I studied my way through those along with acquiring the knowledge, tools and other abilities necessary to ensure my clients and their companies enjoy marketing that produces new business for them.

Throughout the years and still today, the more I see (you probably see it too), the more I realize that most marketing remains ineffective. That is primarily due to the fact that companies are still trying to prematurely persuade consumers to purchase their products and seem to miss out on how they must first relate and resonate with the people who comprise their markets.

I hope your overall experience and the information you find on this website contains valuable guidance and you are able to use it to stimulate your sales to boom

I do offer a “30-Day Marketing Makeover” for company owners and other decision-makers who prefer that I do what’s discussed here for them and more.

Lastly, there’s an especially important point I hope you’ll embrace and will always hold in mind…

Words matter and people buy products after they read words.

Most companies are reliant on the actions people from their markets take after they read the words conveyed within its marketing. 

The words companies use in their marketing must produce sales. It’s no coincidence that the most popular and successful brands of any industry know what the best words to use are. 

In-The-Flow is dedicated to helping your company expand sales revenues and be a market-leading brand that lasts forever. Download this Free Ebook, send me an Email or call and you’ll see what I mean.

Have a beautiful day!

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