How To Expand Your Company's Attraction Power


If it seems your company’s marketing is largely unnoticed, this is probably why…  

Neuroscience has proven in recent years that the process of decision-making and behavior is led by the heart and followed by the head. 

Antonio Damasio, Professor of Psychology, Philosophy, and Neurology at USC says:

“We are not thinking machines. 
We are feeling machines that think.” 

Which is why marketing messages that are most effective strike at our feelings first with content that stimulates emotions.

That’s not to say that emotions fully decide things for us though they do weigh-in quickly and heavily into our decisions as our emotions (via the unconscious mind) are interconnected with our rationality (the conscious mind). 

When we see an ad that causes a sensory experience it first creates a feeling in our body, as opposed to a thought. We later become conscious of it and think about those feelings, deciding after that whether to take action.

Sometimes this process occurs in a recurring loop, where feeling leads to thinking, then to more feeling, to more thinking, etc. Eventually the scale is tipped into a decision and ultimately a behavior.      

Essentially, we make decisions emotionally and then justify them rationally. It’s a two-part process with emotions leading the way.

Knowing this, we create content that builds brands and makes sales by leading with emotion and ending with logical information, such as product and services details and descriptions, where and how to purchase and what it will cost. 

Think of it as a metaphor of the mind where the water level surrounding an iceberg is where the unconscious mind (emotions, feelings) separates the conscious (rational mind).

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Because we’re now in the so-called information age and living in a knowledge society, it seems to have caused most marketing to completely ignore the emotions, feelings and unconscious minds of people. And those are the real decision-makers.

Content which reaches only the top part of the iceberg is mostly ignored because it doesn’t invigorate people as individuals, nor markets in general. It doesn’t influence people today and won’t during our lifetimes. 

The relationship is with the humanness of the other person and and not just the specifics of their purchase requirements.

And this is where the opportunity exists for you, your company, its products and services to standout. To excite people about your brand, to create new clients and ensure your success lasts for as long as you would like it to….because they want that for you too.

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