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How much would it help if I developed a new Marketing Strategy that would increase your sales 50-100% every month and gave you the Blueprint for free?

And what if I was happy to help you reach your ideal target market and customers, showed you how to resonate with them with your copywriting and other marketing, have them coming to you and asking you to sell your products and services to them?

Why would I do that?

Because I am a marketing consultant specializing exclusively in helping companies fascinate and resonate better with people in their markets which naturally increases sales. I achieve these results by thoroughly researching markets and creating dynamic marketing strategies and visceral marketing and copywriting that speaks to the emotions of your ideal clients, customers or patients who are seeking to solve problems and fill their desires.

There is also a strong likelihood that there are large underserved segments of people in your markets who would be highly responsive to the new marketing copy and strategy I’ll be giving to you.

So what’s in it for me?

To begin earning your confidence and trust, I’m delighted to offer the first two steps of your Marketing Makeover Strategy to you for free. I do real work and it comes with tangible deliverables and no obligation to you.

If you find the plan I create for you to be valuable, you might wish to become a more permanent client of mine. If this is the case my rates start at $2,500 per month. With that said, please understand that I am not offering you a “sales pitch in disguise.”

I promise not to ever pressure or pester you in any way and to never waste even one second of your time.

But before we go further, you need to know that I can’t help everyone. I am of benefit to serious companies that…

  • Genuinely desire to be known and highly respected by their markets forever
  • Are open to ethical marketing and copywriting that produces sales leads
  • Offer high-quality products and services to the people in their markets
  • Have processes in place to close the sales leads we help them get

Here’s what to do next…

STEP 1: Simply click the link below. Complete with your name, email address, company website and additional information you feel would be helpful for me to know (objectives, marketing challenges to date, upcoming business model changes, planned new product launches, etc.).

Click Here To Begin Step 1

STEP 2: Once I have that information, I’ll do the market research for you and set up a time to go over it together. There is no charge for this and you will receive a wealth of valuable information and ideas from the research during this call. You will see a new and innovative marketing approach taking shape for your company. I can guarantee that. 

STEP 3: If we both decide to proceed, your Marketing Blueprint will include the development of a more comprehensive and highly concentrated marketing strategy, customized exclusively for your company, its products, brand and markets that is deeply “consumer-centric.” 

Why is “consumer-centric” so important?

Because most marketing fails for this fundamental reason:

This is a likely guarantee for failure. When strategies and creative planning begins with a “What is our product and what does it do?” perspective, it’s difficult to ever truly shift focus over to the prospective customer’s point of view.

Let’s consider the “A Bridge Too Far” image from the consumer’s perspective and how they are bombarded with product information, benefits and features by virtually every company out there… 

Most proclaim their products and services to be “the best” in every way. Naturally, all companies aren’t the best and there is not a way for consumers to differentiate one from the other. So they move on

What is the correct approach and why is it better?

It’s important that the general strategy for your company’s marketing is designed to be more like this:

Business marketing work should begin with a clear understanding of the ideal customers’ persona and perspective, what they are looking for and why they want it.

The Marketing Makeover Strategy demonstrates how to build a “bridge that gets there” for you and comes with an abundance of new ideas regarding content and how to better relate and resonate with people in your markets including those that may have been missed in the past. 

Click Here For Step 1 Of Your Marketing Strategy Blueprint

The smartest brands know the best words to use. And words matter because words that prompt action mean everything to a business. People buy after they read words.

Why don’t all companies do “consumer-centric” marketing? 

It’s typically a lack of “know-how” for the most part. It’s more natural for people to create a product or service, to guess where the market is and start “selling.” When that doesn’t work well, they sell it harder and louder which actually harms their brand, no matter how good their products may be. That doesn’t work and is one reason why so many businesses fail.     

The good news is if you have great products and services with a good-sized market you are already 2/3’s of the way to having a company that prospers and thrives which is likely the reason you started it in the first place. 

The research and implementation of your Marketing Strategy Blueprint would be the final third of the equation for you…  

If it’s your vision and desire for your company to be a market sales leader in your industry, you’ll be able to better differentiate yourself from the others once and for all.

Building a successful company is probably why you went down the path of entrepreneurship in the first place. If so, then you will want to take a serious look at a Marketing Makeover Strategy and grow your business.

The Marketing Makeover Strategy and everything else I do for companies is to create dynamic visceral marketing that’s produced to ethically sell products and services to people who are already out there waiting and looking for yours.

Isn’t it time to get started with your own Marketing Strategy Blueprint Sign-Up.

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P.S. In the meantime, be sure to also download a copy of our free 40-page Ebook, How To Turn More Consumers Into Brand New Customers For Your Company. The principles I use for Marketing Makeover Strategies and much of everything else I do is in this Ebook. I believe it will help you more than you might imagine.