Become The Market Sales Leader You Want Your Company To Be

Get In-The-Flow and benefit from the art and science of marketing that will actually sell your products and services. 

Costs To Companies Due To Ineffective Marketing

Lost Sales Revenue and Profit

Negative Overall Brand Impact

Goodwill and Trust Lost With Market

Sales Business Lost To Competitors

Content Considered Useless By Market

Insulted And Disrespected Market

Lost Referrals Opportunities

Company Reputation Damaged

High Customer Churn Rates

Money and Time Squandered

Sales Forecasts Unreliable

Long Lasting Poor Impressions

* All can be reversed.

Your Company May Already Be Positioned To Prosper

The object of all marketing is to sell goods and services. There is no other justification worth mentioning for it than that. 

As the financial health of every other company in the world depends greatly on how well they speak with their markets… 

A constant flow of sales produced by your marketing is essential to your success too.

There should be no drop-offs in the marketing-to-sales cycle. And when your marketing does its job well, you will reap tremendous rewards from the sales it delivers. 

I want you to enjoy a thriving business and am here to help guide you to  having that. 

Jim Campbell, In-The-Flow

Isn't It Time To Get Serious About Your Sales?