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The Costs of Weak Marketing and Messaging

Lost Sales Revenue and Profit

Negative Overall Brand Impact

Goodwill and Trust Lost With Markets

Sales Business Lost To Competitors

Content Considered Useless By Markets

Insulted And Disrespected Markets

Lost Referrals Opportunities

Damaged Company Reputation

High Customer Churn Rates

Money and Time Squandered

Sales Forecasts Unreliable

Long Lasting Poor Impressions

* All reversible

Step 1

Step one is for you to simply click the “More Info” button below to leave your name, Email address, company website and other relevant information that would be helpful for me to understand.

If you have objectives beyond increasing sales, i.e., expanding to other parts of the country or the world, changing your business model in other ways, upcoming products and services launches, etc., that would help too.

What I do for clients is create dynamic and ethical marketing that sells quality products and services to those already out there searching and waiting for them.

This would help you relate and resonate viscerally with the men and women who form your markets and inspire them to become your customers.

The more information I have to accomplish that, the greater my effectiveness would be for you. 

Step 2

This is where I begin delivering valuable information and ideas to you. Ideas for consumer-centric marketing and copywriting that would help your company increase its sales.

The words we use matter because words that prompt action mean everything to a business. People buy after they read words.

Step two is also where you would begin getting a sense of how innovative what I provide is and how you’d begin resonating with the people in your markets more than you ever have before.

Here is also where you would see the onset of a transformation for your company that you may have never thought possible before.

Last and not least, this step is also where I begin to earn your confidence in my abilities and trust in me.

Step 3

If we’d both like to continue, your Marketing Strategy Blueprint would include the creation of a full and highly concentrated marketing strategy, customized exclusively for your company, its products, services and markets that is deeply “consumer-centric.” 

It would also thoroughly address and include strategies for each of the three main elements of all marketing: Markets, Messaging and Media. 

If you have great products and services with a good-sized market you are already 2/3’s of the way to having a company that prospers and thrives which is probably why you started it in the first place. 

Implementing your Marketing Strategy Blueprint would be the final and very important third part of the equation…

When you give customers and clients good reasons to bond with your company, they will seek you out.

Maya Angelou once said:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

That’s proven to be true for me personally and I suspect it is for most all of us. It also affirms that emotions are more powerful than thoughts.

So are businesses better off when they relate and resonate with people at their emotional levels?

And isn’t that what people want from us anyway? To be spoken to as human beings and not just as consumers who can spend money? 

You’ve probably also heard and maybe even joked as I have about therapists when they ask:

“How did that make you feel?” 

Though it seems like a punchline, it’s an important question. And it’s proven that financial benefits come to companies that know what the answers to that question are for their markets. It’s visceral marketing and copywriting.

Companies that understand and can speak to the people in their markets at both intellectual and emotional levels do the best and always have.

In-The-Flow develops visceral marketing for companies and creates vocabularies for them that relates and resonates deeply with people who already have certain needs and desires for themselves. 

It’s marketing that closes more sales with less selling and helps build brands that people love and tell their friends about.

We achieve that by doing the extensive research necessary to develop a new vocabulary and language for you that resonates with individuals, families (B2C) or other company leaders (B2B)….your future clients, customers or patients.

Do you feel people in your markets would appreciate and respond well to more empathetic and emotionally engaging communications from your company?  

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