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We produce expanded awareness of your services online…

Most businesses don’t reach as many customers and clients as they could. As a consequence they assist a smaller number, causing missed opportunities for the consumer and business both. This frequently occurs when Internet presence and exposure needs attention.

So your company is easily found…

The Internet is today’s primary resource for information gathering. It’s where customers do groundwork to evaluate available choices. Millions and millions of final purchasing decisions are made via the Internet every day. This will forever be the case.  

In-The-Flow Marketing gets your company (services, products) in touch with your future clients; who need exactly what you provide. We utilize the most current Internet marketing resources and business principles for companies who have identified that as an area which requires attention. We deliver, implement and manage the strategy for you. When completed, you will have in place, a fully functional and scaleable Internet marketing “engine” which generates an interactive and expanding customer base.

Increased Internet exposure and personalized “touch” connects your business to more customers. Their positive experiences with you keeps them coming back and they also tell their friends. Your Internet presence continues to expand itself over time.

Your success becomes our job!!

Your In-The-Flow Marketing business to client solution requires only a small amount of your time and is extremely flexible. We initially gather basic information about your business; your market, specific product offerings, past and current efforts, overall vision, etc.  Typically this is accomplished during a 1-1 1/2 hour discussion. We then create and implement an Internet strategy for your business which corresponds to and enhances the current flow of your business’ operation. You’ll see “deliverables” in a week and start experiencing positive results for your business during the first thirty days after launch.

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Phone: 310-487-4306
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“The source of all business success is the attraction of customers!” -In-The-Flow Marketing


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