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Beneath The Spreadsheet

We recently had the opportunity to meet Mathew and Tyler Owens who own and operate OCG Properties, a company based here in Southern California. OCG provides a turnkey real estate investment opportunity for investors who seek a financial vehicle of that nature. In essence, OCG purchases a house that’s been foreclosed on and converts it into the proverbial “lemonade”…

The purpose of our visit was to become acquainted and for Mathew to explain some details of his business and offerings. He took his time, was very methodical with the explanation and did what financial people often do: used an Excel spreadsheet as a description tool. We enjoy math too so Mathew spoke, we listened and thanks to his deliberate approach, we came to understand how his investment model serves his clients and company.

We had already visited the OCG website which describes the company purpose and objectives in this way: “we help our clients purchase investment properties that provide a positive monthly cash flow after all expenses are paid. Our goal is to provide clients enough passive cash flow and eventually replace their day job.”

Seems good so far right? And it is good. It’s very good actually, but it got much better when we looked beneath the spreadsheet. After closer evaluation, it turns out that many other people’s lives are affected in a very positive manner by an OCG transaction and associated project.

On the surface, it’s a system that creates financial gain (remember the spreadsheet) for an investor client. In actuality, Mathew and Tyler’s company also:

  • Purchases from the bank, a deteriorating house and land that may have otherwise never served as a habitable residence again
  • Employs a property manager who evaluates the overall condition of the home and land and determines the necessary repairs and renovations
  • Hires numerous contractors (roofers, siders, painters, brick and concrete workers, floorers, ceiling workers, landscapers, etc.) and purchases new appliances when necessary. In other words, the area economy has been strengthened through the opportunities created for other local businesses.
  • Enhances an entire neighborhood, improving the community which assists other home owners in the area in many ways
  • Provides potential tenants with additional rental inventory and options to choose from
  • Acquires insurance which their companies, employees and families benefit from
  • Employs “in house” staff at OCG Properties by developing a stable company
  • Returns profit and an income stream to the investor as promised and expected
  • Provides for his company, himself and his family

Overall, Mathew, Tyler and OCG Properties helps remedy bad situations; showing the way and making the world a better place where tens and sometimes scores of people benefit as a result of each transaction and project.

OCG Properties is the example here but the message is also about good business in general. When solid companies, led by creative minds, “win-win” intentions and strong business principles get involved, truly great things happen. We just need to remember to look beneath the spreadsheets


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